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2012-08-15 01:00:00 UTC by terrance macgregor

Best Practices:

When you are connecting with someone for the first time, it is important to share only as much information as you can to establish trust.  Email is the first gateway and it is a big step.  Cowtrip is currently just like Craigslist in this regard.  It is the wild wild west when it comes to contacting people.  Most people are trustworthy, but you need to protect yourself.  

  1. Establish email contact.  You can use a temportary email account to respond to people.  That is fine and lets you ask a few questions before you initiate.

  2. Call from Skype. These calls are generally not tracable.  Building a rapport is important.

  3. Use Social.  If someone is respectable, then chances are they have an online persona, linkedin, facebook, google, blogs, etc.

  4. Visit in a neutral place, like a coffee house to remove all doubts.  Never invite people to your private residence!  

  5. Tell people who are meeting along with their contact information. 

  6. If they drive, write down their license plate information.

  7. Talk to your friends and network with people that this person works with to find some common ground.  Chances are, he or she works close to where you are anyway.