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Call for Super-Commuters

2012-03-21 18:20:00 UTC by terrance macgregor

Recently, there has been a lot more attention on commuting issues. Life forces us to commute further and more often for work. In most cases, when we can not find any proper work in the smaller city we live in, we are forced to seek better opportunities in bigger cities.

This WTOP article covers the story.

There are a lot of possible reasons that make us commute more. In many cases, it looks like a better opportunity. We sacrifice many things to get a better paying job; however, rarely do we think on how commuting affects us.

It involves a lot of stress, health issues, and generally decreases life satisfaction (it sucks the life out of us!). A growing number of studies are uncovering more and more problems on this topic. Especially interesting is the measure how the distance of a commute relates to our happiness. How far can we commute without a significant drop in life satisfaction and performance in our jobs?